Since 2005, Texas Andersen Homes has been building and remodeling custom residences in some of Dallas’ most prestigious neighborhoods. While distinctive architecture is one of the key elements of our design process, our homes offer impressive streetscapes that are in harmony with the character and nuances of each neighborhood.

Preston Hollow

Originally incorporated as a municipality in 1939, Preston Hollow was named for the deep wooded area with creeks and hollows. While there are small and prestigious neighborhoods within Preston Hollow, the neighborhood is broadly defined as land to the north of Northwest Highway, south of Royal Lane, east of Midway Road and west of North Central Expressway. Featuring original neoclassical homes from the 1930s and international architect designed modern homes from the late 20th century, Preston Hollow is known as one of the wealthiest areas of Dallas, and is also one of the wealthiest areas in Texas.

Melshire Estates

Melshire Estates is a neighborhood in north Dallas. It is generally bounded by Charlestown Drive (and the houses to the north facing it) on the north, Preston Road on the east, Forest Lane on the south, and the Dallas North Tollway on the west. Small areas adjacent to Forest Lane, a shopping center on the northwestern corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane, and townhomes along Lindenshire Lane and Brookstone Drive are not considered part of the neighborhood.

Hockaday Area

Close to the renowned Hockaday School, the neighborhood is primarily bound on the north by Forest Lane, to the south by Royal Lane, to the east by Straight Lane and to the west by Midway Road. This is a popular neighborhood for clients looking for a well-preserved area blending old and new custom residences.

Midway Hollow

Texas Andersen Homes has built or remodeled almost a dozen homes in this popular North Dallas neighborhood. Established in the early 1950s, the Midway Hollow neighborhood is the area west of Midway Road, south of Walnut Hill Lane, east of Marsh Lane, and north of Northwest Highway. Yards are generous and treed, and most of the original homes have had some degree of updating. The new construction in the area is attracting singles and budding families as it offers a peaceful setting, and provides excellent access to schools, shopping and both the DFW International Airport and Love Field Airport.

Sparkman Club Estates

Since 2005, Texas Andersen Homes has built or remodeled almost 25 homes in this unique, family-oriented neighborhood, including a newly completed home that is now available for sale. Established in 1958, the neighborhood is generally defined as the area south of Royal Lane, east of Webb Chapel, west of Marsh Lane and north of Merrell Road. Residents enjoy an abundance of amenities including a private community clubhouse featuring three pools and tennis courts. To discover more about this neighborhood, visit

Episcopal School of Dallas Area

The neighborhood around the Episcopal School of Dallas is one of the most sought-after areas in North Dallas. Texas Andersen Homes has just completed a new home that is now available for sale. The neighborhood is typically described as the area bounded on the north by Royal Lane, to the south by Walnut Hill, on the east by Midway Road and on the west by Marsh Lane.